Wallpaper Installation & Care


Introduction to Katie Kime Wallpaper:

  • Katie Kime Wallpaper offers a stunning collection of wallcoverings that effortlessly transform any space into a work of art. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our wallpapers are printed on-demand and in-house, ensuring the highest quality and vibrant colors.

  • We use eco-friendly inks on premium, smooth, matte paper, reflecting our commitment to both design excellence and environmental sustainability.

Installation & Removal:

  • Installing Katie Kime Wallpaper requires delicacy and precision. Our paste-the-wall option enhances dimensional stability, reducing bubbling, creasing, or edge curl. Suitable for both beginners and experienced paperhangers. While we recommend an all-purpose ready mix adhesive, any quality wallpaper paste works.

  • Removal is straightforward, ending the era of wallpaper viewed as a permanent decision. With our non-woven paste-the-wall design, the struggles of wallpaper removal are history. We offer expert tips for both installation and removal for a smooth experience.

Design & Expression:

  • Explore a broad range of bold, unique prints designed by the Katie Kime team. Our wallpaper stands as a blend of style and convenience, aiding you in crafting a space reflecting your taste. With Katie Kime Wallpaper, your walls narrate stories.

Installation Guides:


  1. Traditional vs. Peel & Stick Wallpaper: Traditional Wallpaper is more permanent and not suitable for humid spaces. It's cost-effective but needs professional installation. Peel & Stick is temporary but can last years depending on the environment. It's suitable for rental spaces and DIY projects.

  2. Installation in Bathrooms: We advise against installing any wallpaper in humid spaces. Especially, Peel & Stick shouldn't be used due to adhesive failure.

  3. Determining Quantity Needed: Traditional Wallpaper is sold by double rolls with specifications found on product descriptions. Consider room dimensions, pattern repeat, and match type. Peel & Stick is sold by sheet; choose by ceiling height. Pattern lines up with a 1/4" overlap.

  4. Delivery Time: Production window is 2-4 weeks plus shipping. Expedited shipping doesn't speed up production. Samples take 1-5 business days in production.

  5. Cancellation Policy: Orders can't be canceled once in production. Contact us promptly to check the status.

  6. Returns & Exchanges: All wallpapers (Traditional, Peel & Stick, and Samples) are non-returnable and non-refundable. Ensure correct measurements before ordering. Report shipping damages within 7 days with photos. We aren't responsible for installation/removal costs.

  7. Discounts for Trade Professionals: Apply for our 'To The Trade' program if you're in a relevant industry.

  8. Understanding Pattern Repeat: It determines how Traditional Wallpaper matches at the seams. Types include Straight, Drop, and Random. Peel & Stick doesn't require pattern repeat considerations.

  9. Custom Prints: Not available currently. Send suggestions to customerservice@katiekime.com.

  10. Wallpaper Samples: They are 8"x10". Order samples to understand color, design scale, and material.

  11. Reasons to Order Samples: They provide insights into color variations, design scale, and material quality.


  • Sizes: Sold mostly by double roll. Some variations exist; refer to product descriptions.

  • Ordering Quantity: Our wallpapers are print-to-order, so order all required rolls together. Refer to the product page for details.

  • Preparation & Paste: Wallpapers aren't pre-pasted. Use a standard wallpaper paste.

  • Installation Guide: Refer to our Traditional Wallpaper Installation guide.

  • Should I Hire an Installer?: Yes, especially for determining the quantity and installation.


  • Sizes & Quantity: Sold by sheet in three sizes. Patterns line up with a 1/4" overlap.

  • Permanent Solution?: It's temporary and can last years. Suitable for rental properties and DIY.

  • Installation Guide: Refer to our Peel & Stick Wallpaper Installation guide.

  • Painted Wall Preparation: Wait 60 days after painting for the paint to cure before application.