There Is No When

There Is No When

Morning Musing

by Katie Kime

Reflecting this past week over aspects of a difficult year and the never-ending challenges that come with entrepreneurship, I remembered, yet again, that there is no when.

There is no when there’s more money, or when you get married, or when you get a better job, or when you have kids, or when the kids you have are through a certain stage, or when revenue hits this number, or when you get your body back. There is no when that person comes back around, finally accepts you, or when life looks the way you “think it’s supposed to look.” There is no limit to the 100 ways we can all fill in that sentence. It doesn’t mean there is no hope. Hope there couldn’t be more of...

But if there is a when, then there will always be a when, no matter how many of them we check off. And life will never be enough to relish the now.

This set in for me in a new way this past year. It’s not always, not every moment, and it will be a lifelong practice. But I’m committed to leaving when behind as often as I can and getting really intimate with now.